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Anyone who learned Indiana history in grade school surely learned one thing about New Harmony. That was enough to pique the curiosity of a school child, but as the years passed I’ve often wondered about this “ Utopian society” with such a fitting name - New Harmony. Are there still signs of its utopian heritage today?I was again reminded of New Harmony in the book “ The 100 Best Small Art Towns in America”, by John Villani, which lists only two Indiana towns, Columbus and New Harmony.Today the limestone slab with its footprints is still in the back yard.

As evidence of the visit, a slab of limestone in George's back yard received impressions from the bare feet of Gabriel, who was evidently very lead-footed. In the mid-20th century the footprints were famous enough that someone in New Harmony sold postcards of them.

he urge to retreat from the larger world and build an ideal society in the wilderness is a perennial human impulse.

From the Pilgrims to the Hippies, American history has periodically produced groups that try to create these utopian communities.

The town was founded by the Harmony Society in 1814. This policy complies with the University of Southern Indiana's Child Protection Policy. The Harmony Society, a group of German dissenters led by George Rapp, arrived in the United States in 1804 and settled in Pennsylvania.

The Harmonists were religious Separatists from Germany who pursued Christian perfection through every aspect of their daily conduct. New Harmony, IN 47631 P: 812.682.4474 800.231.2168 (toll free) E: [email protected] Holidays New Harmony is closed on New Year's Day (Jan. Ten years later, the Harmonists purchased 20,000 acres on the Wabash River and moved to Indiana in 1814.

Adult dating in harmony indiana