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Find out what real men reveal about why they love confident women, including why they don't expect you to be super-skinny (phew!

Paige Parker, author of the ebook, “Dating Without Drama” will now show the eager readers of the benefits of taking a more rational – and less emotional – approach to dating. Parker will contribute a weekly “Dating Dish” column for, India’s online magazine for empowered women. Parker has enjoyed a thriving career as a freelance writer, and found her true calling in advising friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances on how to meet and attract men, communicate effectively with their boyfriends, navigate long-distance relationships, and survive break-ups. Parker has attracted a loyal fan base of readers around the globe and sold thousands of copies of her ebook, “Dating Without Drama: The Essential New Rules to Help You Understand Men and Succeed at the Dating Game.” She has now made dating coaching and relationship writing a full-time career.

“When you date without drama, you’re allowed to feel – and honor – all of your emotions just as you normally would; you’ll just learn not to let yourself or your actions be controlled by them,” notes Ms. “You’ll begin to make decisions and take action from a place of confidence, not weakness or desperation. You will get out of your own way and allow yourself to have a successful relationship.” “One of the things I really appreciate about ‘Dating Without Drama’ is that it encourages a woman to be independent, do her own thing, feel happy, and maintain her integrity and self-respect.

A good man is just part of the mix in a fulfilling life,” notes a reader, from Seattle, WA.