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It is just another of the mysteries to be unearthed at the spectacular site of Arkaim known as Russia's Stonehenge.

The meteorite exploded in the atmosphere on 15 February with a force as great as 30 Hiroshima nuclear bombs, causing extensive damage in Chelyabinsk and injuring around 1,200 people, many from shattered glass.

O enthusiasts insist a small 'object' can be seen colliding with the meteorite on its trajectory through the atmosphere, despite the fact there were no reports of Russia launching missiles to down the celestial intruder, they claim.

Russia has called for major international efforts to develop the technology zap incoming space objects, but there is no suggestion any military strike was made at the meteorite on 15 February which was not spotted in advance.

From the shape and location of the jadeite and other minerals, researchers determined that the Chelyabinsk parent asteroid collided with the second asteroid at a speed of at least 3,400 miles per hour.

That collision, say researchers, likely caused the 30-60 foot chunk of rock that would become the Chelyabinsk meteor to break off from its parent body.