Dating someone who is codependent

If you sometimes find that you sabotage your own needs in relationships, there could be many reasons.

However, codependency symptoms are common for people who grew up in a dysfunctional home -- especially if you took on the role of a caretaker.

Others may leave but repeat the same or a similar self-destructive pattern in a new relationship.

The adrenaline rush that they experience when they feel passionate toward someone can be addictive.

Given its grassroots origin, the precise definition of codependency varies based on the source but can be generally characterized as a subclinical and situational or episodic behavior similar to that of dependent personality disorder.However, co-dependence on another person generally is a good thing.All relationships involve a degree of codependency.In fact, a relationship without any form of codependency is not a relationship.To have a relationship you have to be codependent, in short you depend on that person to relate to you and they on you.