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Her other notable film roles include Sara in Runaway Train in 1985, Helen Mc Caffrey in the thriller Backdraft in 1991, her portrayal of the chillingly twisted nanny Peyton Flanders in the popular 1992 thriller The Hand That Rocks the Cradle and as Wendy Torrance in Stephen King's 1997 television adaptation of The Shining. When Nicole Bradford was orphaned by her mother at age eleven (that wasn't the lucky part), she was left with not one but TWO fathers (that was).He was born in the year 1983 on 10th of December and this makes him only 31 years old at this time.He has many more opportunities to come in his way and he has to be very wise to choose the best one for himself and his career.Lowry recently directed the Civil War drama “Union Bound” and produced “Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage.” Henriksen, who has credits dating back to “Dog Day Afternoon,” is best known for his work on the “Alien” films. The 2016 MTV Movie Awards are right around the corner, and we have to ask, is it getting hot in here or is it just them?In Step Up Revolution, me and Kathryn [Mc Cormick] were learning on the go. So, it was awesome to work with previous Step Up characters. His family has left and his girlfriend is no longer there, and he thought he was going to have the best life with her.

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To help you get excited for the show, airing this Sunday (April 10), we're counting down the hottest moments and steamiest reenactments from their most popular award, Best Kiss. Check out the top Movie Award make-outs after the jump!Unfortunately for Michael and Joey, the judge who awarded them custody of Nicole also owned their building, and she often dropped by unexpectedly to add her unsolicited and sarcastic advice regarding Nicole’s upbringing.Judge Wilbur also served as a surrogate mother to Nicole, often coaching her in lessons of life and love that the menfolk just couldn’t give.Rebecca De Mornay is an American film and television actress.Her breakthrough film role came in 1983, when she played Lana in Risky Business.