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Unless you make six figures and can swing a place on your own, chances are you probably will, too.

The following updated list of websites will hopefully take a bit of the sting out of the roommate-finding process and help a college grad like you find a sensible, sane human being with whom to cohabit.

Longer school days mean more opportunities for culture and activities such as sports, reading, technology, or Spanish clubs and more.

Students also earn trips to Washington DC, California, and colleges, to name a few.

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This way, the only story you’ll have to tell is the one about the housemate who’s absolutely perfect for you. Symbi According to the founders of this NYC start-up, which debuted in early 2015, Symbi is "for the roommate world," pairing apartment-seekers for free.

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Nearly everyone in New York City can commiserate about roommate situations gone awry, past and present.

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Roommate horror stories—we've heard them all: There’s the one about the creepy loner and his fondness for taxidermy.

And the one about the dancer who’d nurse her bleeding feet on the shared kitchen table.