Manufactring expiration dating policy etiquette for dating for women

Depending upon the nature of the product, review the appearance and quality on a regular basis.

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The top one is the manufactured date and the bottom one is the expiration date.If you ever see the letter "M" next to what seems like some random numbers, this is actually the manufactured date listed as day, month, year. Lizzy wondered what "EXP" stood for, but I'm guessing you all already know that that is for the expiration date.She also wondered what the weird code was on the bottom of "foreign" products (non-Korean products).you will find two types of expiration dates: (1) the date it can be kept before opening, and (2) the date it can be used after opening.For those of you that can read Korean, here is the chart that summarizes what was discussed in the show. Every product is different, so it is important to check the box or the product for the individual manufactured or expiration date.