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The company has produced events and established creative dance spaces in which they strive to provide a great experience for the professional dancer to a movement enthusiast.

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Dance had nothing to do with it, we just wanted to be together forever. I was terrified of a Christian God and so skeptical about, “His people.” Over time it became something I delighted in mocking.

Shaun is mostly known for his unique style of choreography and creating the company Movement Lifestyle, which is an urban dance brand located in the heart of the North Hollywood Arts District, California.

Movement Lifestyle is a community based and globally connected company that focuses on being the platform for dancers.

"The Quick Style is an expression that is used in conjunction/association with Quick Crew and Quick Style Studio."Will we be able to see more great choreography from him this year? I know that they are not the only choreographers that they have worked with.there are more, both Korean and non Korean. Also it's "Norwegian Talents" if literally translated otherwise it's "Norway's Got Talent": P btw not only did they win it in 2009, Suleman is now as one of the judges for this year's "Norway's Got Talent". I was a fan of them before even knowing about BTS and I hope people appreciate dancers/choreographers more.

They're stars by they own, not some support for other people to shine That Save me choreography was lit AF....