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Rules can help everyone in your family get along better, and make family life more peaceful.When rules are clear, they help: It’s important to involve all members of the family as much as possible when developing family rules.Children as young as three can help you make the rules and talk about why your family needs them.As children get older, they can take a bigger part in deciding what the rules should be, as well as the consequences for breaking them.

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If you give a damn and show up, you’re already 99% of the way there.

It’s a big deal when teenagers are finally allowed to date.

But, since most young’ins are strapped for cash, can’t drive and have to be home before midnight, they’ve got to get creative when planning a fun first date that their parents will approve of their date will enjoy. The average age, depending on the parents rules, is usually around 15 or 16 years old.

When people think of relationship statistics, they automatically think of the worst numbers possible.

Some high school dating students get married and live happily.