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Changes in technology and excessive information seem to be incompatible with romanticism. Whether you are in the pickup-at-the-bar dating game, or the online dating game, there are major blunders that we all make that have the potential to throw everything off, wishing that somebody had have warned us not do this. Now your mind is mapping out the shortest way to the liquor store and the past few years are having a gleeful back to back marathon in the theatre that is your mind. So many people have found that special someone through these sites.But online dating sites are perfect environments for romantic people. Today, I have taken upon me to debunk all those myths that might be coming in the way of your online dating journey.

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Well, we believe that, primarily, it’s the technology-driven culture of online dating, combined with the general short-attention span and “get what I want when I want it” nature of today’s society, with a little bit of “if I friend you online it doesn’t really mean we’re friends” mixed in. Before Tinder or even online dating, people’s friends or someone they knew would often set them up. So, while it’s true that being ghosted suggests that he’s just not that into you (or she’s just not into you, but that’s not the name of the book and movie), it also suggests something else: it’s truly not about you, it’s about them.

Sure, you entered into marriage believing in a Happily Ever After.

I have seen that a lot of people complain that they don’t understand online dating or just don’t get enough responses, which is why they have opted out of meeting potential partners via the web. I've heard negativity attached with the term online dating - but it just doesn’t make sense.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to talk about ghosts. They didn’t bother to call you (or email or text you) to tell you that they weren’t interested, they simply let their lack of communication do it for them, figuring you’d get the (uncommunicated) message. However, we think that warning about ghosting should be right up there as one of the three things you need to know about online dating, right up there with how to detect an online dating scammer, and the 7 top online dating tips.

‘Ghosting’ or to be ‘ghosted’ means that you had a date, and then the person simply vanished. This is of course connected to the peculiarities of online dating generally, about which we have written in the past, most recently when we wrote about the “my friend likes you” dating scam.