Zoozoo dating

For clients such as Vodafone ��� for whom Rao played a key role in creating the Zoozoos and the ���pug ads��� ��� he���s their ���Michelangelo���.

For others like this writer, Rajiv Rao is advertising���s very own absent-minded-professor, who���ll promptly return your call, but forget your name.

Further, Nagpal explains, the brand was in need of an idea that would work doubly hard, as it was planning to spend some four months' worth of marketing monies in one month.

“Zoo Boo is an excellent opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a safe, enjoyable and supervised environment,” said Terry Lincoln, Zoo Director.This family event provides a safe place for kids to trick-or-treat from area businesses and visit their favorite zoo critters while they are here.Admission is for both children and adults (children must be accompanied by an adult).With the launch of the second season, Vodafone has given birth to the Zoozoo: a special character created specifically to convey a value added service (VAS) offering in each of the newly released commercials.& #BANNER1 & #What's interesting is that there are some 25 such commercials planned under this campaign, 10 of which are already on air.